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How much Difference Does having a Larger Mortgage Deposit make?

When we are taking out a mortgage we normally have to save up a deposit. This is so that we can show the lender that we are capable of budgeting our money and also so that there is some equity in the property so that if the lender has to sell it, due to non payment then they will still make their money back. Most people will provide the minimum they need to, but there are advantages of providing a bigger deposit and so it is worth considering them.

Borrow less money

If you provide more of a deposit then you will not have to take out such a big mortgage. Borrowing less has many advantages. You might be able to repay it over a shorter term, meaning that you will be able to repay your loan sooner. You will have smaller repayments which means that it will be manageable. You will be charged less interest and so your loan will be cheaper. You may not think these are that important but they can make a significant difference. If your expenses go up or interest rates rise, then having repayments that are not too high will really help you to cope better. If you can repay the loan quicker, it means that you will be paying less out in costs and you will own the home yourself more quickly. If you have lower costs then you will have more money for yourself rather than paying it to your lender. It is well worth calculating how much different it could make. Ad dup how much extra interest you will pay if you have less of a deposit and you will be able to decide whether you think that it is worth it with regards to the savings you will make in interest payments.

More borrowing options

If you are offering a higher deposit then this may mean that you are able to choose between more mortgage lenders. Very few will allow you to borrow with no deposit, some with a small deposit and others will want more. If you have more of a deposit to offer then you will be able to pick from the mortgage types that want a higher deposit as well as those that are okay with a smaller one. This will expand your choice and mean that you might be able to get a better mortgage deal than you otherwise would. It can make a really big difference in what you end up paying in interest if you pick the right lender. There are some big contrasts between the different ones and you could make huge savings if you have more of a choice and can pick the ones that offer the very best value for money. Although having a bigger deposit does not guarantee a better deal, it will certainly improve your chances of getting one.

Repay more quickly

If you pay more of a deposit then there will be less money to repay. This could mean that you will repay the mortgage more quickly. This can be a relief for some as the burden of the debt will be gone. Some people get really worried about owing money and so it can be a great relief to them when that debt is paid off and they know that they no longer have it. Others may not worry so much about being in debt but there are many financial advantages they might like. For example if you are able to repay earlier it means that you will then have more money available for other things, perhaps such as holidays, being able to give money to children or grandchildren or being able to retire earlier. You may also be protected against any interest rate rises which occur after you have repaid the mortgage too, although there is of course a chance that the rates may go down as well as up.

Can buy a dearer house

Some people like to use their larger deposit to be able to buy a dearer home. This will negate any advantages of having a cheaper mortgage, shorter repayment term and easier to manage repayments. However, it will mean that you have all of the advantages of having a more expensive home, which could mean that it is bigger, is in better condition or in a more favourable location.


So there are many reasons for why having a larger mortgage deposit could really advantage you. This means that when you are saving up for a deposit you really need to work hard in order to make it as high as you possibly can. This could mean that you have to take longer to save it up and that you delay buying a home for a while. However, it could be worth it if you save money or are able to buy a more perfect home for you.

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